EECOL takes pride in upholding the highest code of ethics and give first consideration to the objectives and policies of our company
  • Strive to obtain the maximum value for each dollar of expenditure.
  • Grant all competitive suppliers equal consideration.
  • Conduct business with our customers and suppliers in an atmosphere of good faith, using complete open and honest communication.
  • Treat all employees and stakeholders with complete fairness ensuring personal dignity and equality throughout all departments of our business.
  • Make all efforts to negotiate and agree upon resolution of any controversy with our suppliers and customers.
  • Accept the responsibility to negotiate on behalf of our customer, the best possible terms and condition available from key suppliers.
  • Accept the responsibility of staff conduct to ensure all employees are treated fairly with the utmost respect, and refuse all employees to be influenced by personal gain in respect to gratuities.
  • Refuse to intentionally misinterpret information to our suppliers and customers that may be misleading.
  • Respect opinions of suppliers and customers and do not divulge any confidential information without written consent from the primary party.
  • Act in the utmost professional manner on behalf of our customers, suppliers and associated affiliates and maintain this professionalism throughout the duration of our dealings.
EECOL continues to strive at maintaining our Code of Ethics to ensure all dealings are held with complete, open and honest commitments.
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