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EECOL Electric realized, many years ago, that with the ever evolving Automation and Control sector of our business that dedicated and highly trained Product Application Specialists would be required to keep abreast of the rapidly changing selection of State Of The Art Products that were being introduced to the Electrical Business.

The EECOL Automation and Control division has committed to providing the required expertise to effectively introduce, market and apply the worlds latest technology to innovative Automation and Control Solutions for our customers and Clients in all the markets we serve. We have lived up to our commitment with in-house Automation and Control Specialists in all the regions we serve. This team of specialists commits all of their efforts exclusively to the automation and control business.

EECOL is proud to be a committed supply partner to the worlds leading Automation and Control Manufacturer / Suppliers. Our long-term relationships with these world class companies ensures that EECOL's clientele receive the finest quality products at competitive prices for the most complete range of automation and control products available to our industry today and in the future. Our in-house, highly trained specialists, working with the factory trained Technical Specialists from these Premier Suppliers work together to provide the most cost effective and innovative solutions to any automation and control inquiry we receive.

EECOL Automation and Control

Programmable Controls, Motion Sensors and Controls,
Motor Controls and Control Centers, Frequency Drives and Soft Starters,
Electronic Interface Products, Control Communication Systems,
Personnel Safety Products, Servo Systems, Peripheral Devices.

Power Distribution Product Specialists

EECOL Electric provides State Of The Art solutions from the Industry's leading Manufacturer / Suppliers for any Commercial, Industrial or Residential requirements you may have. From High voltage Utility Products, Medium Voltage Distribution and Control, to In-Plant /Facility Power control products, EECOL has the products and the expertise to supply our clients with the best possible solution to their needs on projects large and small or for their daily requirements for maintenance repair and operations.

Premier Manufacturer / Suppliers

EECOL is proud to be associated with the world's leading suppliers of Quality Electrical Products. EECOL Electric provides Power Control Solutions from North American, European and Asian Suppliers assuring our customers of the best possible Product Selection and Solution to their requirements.

EECOL's world-class suppliers work with our In-House Specialists to support our efforts with the latest in Applications Software, and Technical Information to provide prompt and efficient input into our high quality Customer Service efforts. Our extensive line of Power Control and Power Distribution Products includes Power Utility Product Supplies, Transformers, High, Medium and Low Voltage Switchgear, Power Monitoring Devices, Energy Conservation Products, Load Shedding Products, Power Distribution Centers, Panels and Breakers and the latest in Electronic Controls and Energy Monitoring Devices.

Product Application Specialists

EECOL employs highly trained In-House Specialists committed to providing our customers with the best possible service on their inquiries. EECOL has committed the time and financial resources to insure our Specialists are kept in the forefront of new innovations in all of the products we provide.

Total Solution Providers

EECOL provides Custom Solutions to meet our customers needs. We have the expertise and quality products to provide a solution that integrates the best possible selection of products to satisfy any technical or commercial requirement that our customers may have. Contact any EECOL Branch to see how we can work with you in your next Power Distribution and Control Project.

Retrofitting For Safety and Improved Efficiency

Many of the products, that EECOL provides, are well suited to Retrofitting existing installations to bring them to current Code and safety requirements. New technology and products are available now to improve efficiency, improve safety and save on energy consumption in a wide variety of applications. The Specialists at EECOL would be pleased to discuss any of your requirements to see how we can best address your needs and provide a suitable solution. Many new energy monitoring and control products can provide significant energy savings and the money saved will in many cases pay for capital expenditures.

One Stop Shop At EECOL

In addition to our Power Distribution and Control offering, as a Full Line Distributor, EECOL is able to provide a complete range of products from Power Utility Products, Automation and Motion Control Solutions, Data Voice Communication Products, Personal Safety Products, Closed Circuit T.V. Monitoring & Security Products, Complete Wire and Cable Services, Lighting and Lamps, and a complete range of Wiring Supplies and Installation Equipment.

EECOL Has It All !

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