EECOL Serves the World

For many years EECOL has been working with Suppliers, Customers and Design and Engineering Clients around the world in providing the industry's most complete range of Electrical Products for Projects and M.R.O.

Our Product Specialists integrate products from the worlds leading Manufacturer / Suppliers to provide the best possible solution to the end users requirements, wherever that may be in the World.

EECOL has the Material Handling Expertise, The Quality Products, The Technical Specialists and the Packaging and Logistics Experience and Support to ensure that your inquiries receive the Professional Service you expect.

Quality Products

For many years, EECOL Electric has been providing the Highest Quality, State Of The Art products to customers around the world to meet the many International Codes and requirements that are part of the Global Business Community we serve.

NEMA (North American) Standard, I E C (European) Standard and other International Standards apply to the many products that are used in the Electrical Business today. EECOL's long term and solid relationships with North American and The Worlds leading Material Providers assures our customers of the best possible solution to their Electrical Material requirements.

The Specialists at EECOL are able to apply the most suitable Product Application Solution to any electrical material requirement that may arise.

Product Application Specialists

With the ever changing and widening Product Offering available to our Industry, it has become imperative that successful suppliers in our industry react with Extensive Training and a program of continual improvement in product knowledge for the many types of products we distribute.

EECOL reacted many years ago with Product Specific Specialists that maintain this required high level of knowledge and application expertise in many of the product areas we work with.

In addition to the knowledgeable and experienced Customer Service Personnel at EECOL, we employ highly trained In-House Specialists that are 'at your service' in the following Specific Product Divisions:

  • EECOL Power, Automation and Control
  • EECOL Wire And Cable Centres
  • EECOL Data, Communication, Security and CCTV
  • EECOL Lighting Centres
  • EECOL Utility Products and Services
  • EECOL Power Distribution and Control
  • EECOL Energy Conservation Solutions
  • EECOL M. R. O. and Supply Chain Management

We are here to help with inquiries for projects large or small and for the day to day requirements you may have in your daily operations.

"One Stop Shop" at EECOL

EECOL prides itself on being one of the Electrical Industry's truly Full Line, Multi Product, Multi Manufacturer Distributors. When we say, EECOL Has It All, we really do mean that EECOL has it all.

Power / Communication Utility Products, Wiring supplies, Tools and Installation Equipment, Wire and Cable of all types, Power Distribution and Automation Products, Lighting Products and Data / Voice Communication products are a few of the major product types distributed by EECOL.

In addition to being a Full Line Distributor EECOL provides the Product Application, Logistics and Inventory to support our efforts in Canada and abroad.

At EECOL we can provide cost effective and easily managed solutions to your Electrical Material requirements.

Large and Complete Inventories

EECOL carries the industry's most extensive inventories, insuring prompt deliveries and complete order fill. Our significant purchasing power provides our customers with competitive pricing guarantees product availability.

EECOL provides service from over 65 locations in North and South America. With our network of 50 strategically located Stocking Warehouse Locations in Western Canada and 7 in South America, and additional Sales Engineers available in other strategic locations, we assist with product application and other important Customer inquiries in a prompt and efficient manner.

EECOL Wire and Cable Centres provide complete Wire and Cable Supply and Service, from the supply of the smallest cut length of building wire or specialty cable, to complete Wire and Cable Supply and Management Services to the Worlds largest projects.

These services can include on-site inventory, as required cable cutting, and the supply of the complete range of electrical cable requirements for Low, Medium and High voltage Power Cables; Instrumentation, Data, Communication, Fiber Optic Cables, and a complete range of Specialty and Sever Usage cables as well as custom armoring and cable bundling for any special requirement you may have.

M.R.O. and Supply Chain Management

EECOL's M.R.O. ( Maintainence ,Repair and Operations) and Supply Chain Management Specialists can create a custom solution to your Specific business requirements.

We can reduce your overall cost of procurement, reduce asset disposal costs, and simplify your accounts payable and overall transaction costs. Many of EECOL's customers are taking advantage of the latest business tools and techniques to improve their business operations.

EECOL has the vendor partners in place to facilitate different levels of Integrated Supply to further reduce your transaction costs with smaller, or one-time vendors. Our past experience has shown that, with honesty and commitment in the partnership, we can and will provide significant short and long term benefits those companies who are willing and able to work together with EECOL to our mutual benefit.

To discuss these exciting business tools further contact Rob Smith at our Corporate Office at

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