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The Lighting Specialists at EECOL provide the widest range of State of the Art Lighting Products from the World's Premier Manufacturer / Suppliers. As the Lighting Business evolves, new Fixtures, Energy efficient Light Sources, and new Application Software are introduced at an amazing rate. The Specialists at the EECOL Lighting Centres are committed to the training and resources required to lead the industry with new and innovative solutions to any lighting inquiries you may have.

The Industry's Leading Manufacturer / Suppliers

Over the past 85 years EECOL has developed long term, committed partnership with the industry's leading Manufacturer / Suppliers. We are proud to represent the manufacturers of the highest quality products available. These industry leaders are continually improving their product offering with more efficient, energy saving products and new more effective light sources. New and constantly improving software provides application information to insure the most cost effective and proper placement of Fixtures and the correct choice of light sources for any application.

Retrofitting To Save Energy and Improve Efficiency

Many of the new products available today are well suited to retrofitting existing installations for improved lighting and energy saving. The Specialists at the EECOL Lighting Centres have the resources, expertise and products to show you and the end user customers how easy it is to save money with cost effective lighting solutions. In many cases, energy cost savings will provide a relatively fast investment payback on initial capital expenditures.

Lighting Controls At EECOL

To compliment your existing lighting system or to maximize the effectiveness of a new installation, EECOL Lighting Centres provide state of the art Lighting Controls for every application. From the most basic dimmer to a sophisticated computer controlled 'total building' lighting controller, EECOL has the products and the expertise to provide the best solutions available in the industry today. Lighting controls can be used to save energy, improve efficiency and improve aesthetics. In many cases energy savings alone will cover the costs of properly controlled lighting. The right combination of Lighting System and Control is available at EECOL. Contact the Specialists at EECOL Lighting Centres for more information on a lighting control solution.

One Stop Shop.

EECOL Lighting Centres are part of EECOL Electric Inc. that can provide you with all of the installation supplies and equipment you may require to complete your project, large or small.

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