Power Utility Products

  • Overhead and Underground Power Cables
  • Medium and High Voltage Cables

Building Wire

  • Commercial, Residential, Industrial Wire

Armored Cables

  • Teck, Corflex, ACWU, IEC Type wire armored Cables

Industrial and Portable Cords

  • Type S, SJO, W,
  • Rig Cable
  • Severe usage Cable
  • High Temperature Cables
  • Crane Cables

Mining Cables

  • SHDGC Shielded Cable
  • GGC Cable

Instrumentation / Control Cables

  • Armored and Unarmored Cables

Communication Cables

  • Fiber optic Cable
  • Copper Communication Cables

Wire and Cable Accessories

  • Connectivity Products, Connectors, Disconnects
  • Cable Tray and Accessories
  • Basket Tray and Accessories
  • Conduit and Conduit Support Systems
  • Wire Installation Equipment and Supplies
  • Cable Termination and Splicing Products
  • Markers and Cable Identification Products
  • Mine Cable Management Products
  • Cable Hangers and Systems
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