EECOL Electric has prided itself in the relationships established with leading quality suppliers in the industry. We welcome inquiries for products from these featured electrical suppliers, or any of the 200+ quality suppliers that work closely with EECOL in providing the finest products and service in the electrical industry.
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V.J. Pamensky Canada
Electric Motors
Valid Maufacturing

Pedestals, Weatherproof Panels, Enclosures
Valmont Industries
HID & Magnetic Ballasts
Vancouver Electrical Boxes
Enclosures & Cabinets
Varta Industrial Batteries Ltd.
Venmar Ventilation Inc. (Vanee)

Heat Exchangers / Recovery Systems
Air Quality Services
Veris Industries Inc.

Current Transformers
Current Sensors w/Integral Relay and Analog Output
Current Sensors for variable frequency drives, power meters and energy management meters
Victor Insulators
Porcelain, Polymer Insulators
Videotec Security Inc

Indoor and Outdoor Video Surveillance Products
EX Cameras
PTZ Cameras's
Virginia Plastics
Wildlife Protectors,
Protective Guards and Markers
Visioneered Lighting Manufacturing
Oval Lighting
Visioneering Corp.
HID Lighting
Commercial Lighting
Vista Electrical Products Ltd.
Garden Lighting
Dimmers & Controls
Weatherproof Boxes
Outdoor Flood Lighting
Weatherproof Lighting
Outdoor Lighting
Volt Tek, Inc.
Polymer Dead End Insulators
Vynckier Enclosures
Fiberglass Enclosures

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