First Nations Capacity Fund

A Collective, Practical Approach to Indigenous Engagement

What is the First Nations Capacity Fund?

The First Nations Capacity Fund (FNCF) is a non-profit society that exists to create training and employment opportunities for Indigenous people in any vocation of their choosing. We also work with communities to build capacity to maximize economic development opportunities within their territories. Fund members come from Industry and pool their investment to create a more significant impact.

How Does it Work?

As Fund members, our shared goal is to play our part in establishing equality

amongst Canadians by assisting in the relief of disproportionate poverty in

Indigenous communities.

  • We purchase personal work and safety gear
  • We fund participation in training initiatives, including
    leadership and governance programs
  • We subsidize specific training and retraining programs
    that help companies avoid lay-offs
  • We offer wage and transportation subsidies to recipients
    enrolled in training who have families relying on them
  • We support communities to develop or expand economic
    development offices and programs to ensure proactive
    Indigenous economic participation is possible, whatever
    the community’s capacity

The bottom line is we deliver support where it is needed. We invest in programs that apply directly to the Fund for grants. And we partner with government-funded service organizations that use Fund investment to offer support to clients where government dollars can sometimes not be used.

A capacity-funding model like the FNCF is exciting because it is not about companies saying, ‘we have to do this.’ Instead, it is about companies saying they want to do it because it is the right thing to do for local communities.

Who's Involved

The Fund has three founders: BCT Projects, EECOL Electric and Pacific Electrical Installations. All members consider their relationships with First Nations in the communities where they operate to be of integral value to their businesses.

How Can You Join The Fund?

Becoming a member of the FNCF is a modest investment with a significant return. To join us in this innovative approach to creating genuine community partnerships and engagement, contact Leonard Jackson at 250.571.4339