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EECOL Lighting Audits

Lighting Audits

Let us help you assess your current lighting project, understand your lighting goals, and create a plan for improving any application:

Retro-Fit Audit

Powered by Eco Insight software, our comprehensive audit will help you upgrade to energy-efficient LEDs and reduce energy consumption. We can even customize the final audit report with your company logo.

Lighting Automation Audit

Looking to drive even greater lighting efficiencies? We conduct an audit and then use the latest innovations in lighting and automation to make recommendations for improvement.

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How Lighting Support Works

Whatever kind of lighting support you need, our process remains the same.

Step 1 – Connect

Contact us today to fill out a quick form to help us understand what you need or stop by your local EECOL branch to walk us through it.

Step 2 – Information Gathering

A member of our EECOL team will reach out to learn more about your specific lighting needs and, in the case of an audit, book a time to visit the site.

Step 3 – Assessment

After collecting the information and/or conducting an audit, we assess the information in order to create the best solution for your timing and budget needs.

Step 4 – Final Recommendations

We deliver our final recommendations to you – whether it’s a lighting design with a quote and specifications or a retro-fit audit. We will give you a roadmap with lots of options for you or your client.

Step 5 – Ongoing Support

We stand behind you and our products. If something should ever come up, just email or call us – we’re here to help.

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