How to Talk to Your Clients About Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is on the horizon, whether we like it or not.

It may become the primary choice for consumers, or it may become the only choice as governments and companies alike place more emphasis on supporting renewable energy in the future. For instance, Canada is aiming for net-zero emissions by 2050, which means a huge pivot into renewable energy.

Given that renewable energy will be the norm sooner rather than later, it makes sense to get your clients on board now—it’ll save them from having to re-do the work you're doing now in a few years. Plus, it shows you're the forward-thinking expert in your field offering long-term solutions over short-term fixes. That's the type of contractor clients trust and choose to work with over and over again.

Here are a few talking points that might help you in your conversations on renewable energy.

Change is coming, and it’s coming fast. For Canada to meet its net-zero target by 2050, we’ll need to add more than 10 gigawatts of zero-emission electricity to the grid every single year.

Investing in renewable energy now allows your clients to “beat the rush,” so to speak. It also means that, as the cost for these installations fluctuates with consumer demand, your clients won’t have to worry about keeping up with the market—the work will have already been done.

Discuss the Potential Savings

Research indicates Canadians pay an average of $702 every year in repairs due to climate change-related issues. Scientists expect that figure to triple by 2050. The more businesses and homeowners alike shift away from emissions-heavy energy, the lower that price tag gets.

Of course, there’s an upfront cost to any installation. However, given the average lifespan of a solar panel (roughly 25 years), the price of a new install seems quite low. Projections say the average Canadian household could save approximately 12% by 2050—a number that already figures in annualized equipment costs.

House Location & Orientation

Like anything, clear expectations are key when introducing a client to renewable energy like solar power. It’s important to help your clients understand that their location and the orientation of their property will influence the efficiency of their solar panels.

For instance, Calgary is the sunniest city in Canada, so even in the winter, panels will likely get enough time in the sun. On the other hand, Vancouver is one of Canada’s cloudiest cities. The panels will still generate energy during an overcast day, but they won’t work as efficiently.

Be sure to review these variables with your clients so they feel prepared and know what they can expect.

Clients Rely on Contractors for Accurate Information

You’re in a unique position because your clients trust you. They understand that you’re on the front lines: you know how things work on a practical, functional level, not just the theory.

In many ways, it’s up to you to help clients make the best possible decisions for their properties and, by extension, help shift Canada to a cleaner and more sustainable energy source.

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