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Automation systems are built for longevity, and the industry takes advantage of this to keep production moving at the designed production rate. When microprocessors are replaced by new suppliers or new technology, vendors have no choice but to make a supply decision and announce a migration plan.

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Appreciate the history of high-voltage transmission in Canada, the modern challenges and demands we face as an industry, and some of the innovations we’ve undergone to improve efficiency, environmental impact, and safety.

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Though the constant roll out of new products, new rules, and new green incentives can be exciting, I know that for some, it can create doubt about investing time and resources into renewables.

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LED technology – along with the right digital controls – can create a lighting design that improves workplace productivity, mood, and even mental health.

This connection between lighting and mental health is what many believe will drive lighting innovation for years to come.

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It may become the primary choice for consumers, or it may become the only choice as governments and companies alike place more emphasis on supporting renewable energy in the future.

Here are a few talking points that might help you in your conversations on renewable energy.

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