About Us

Your Complete Electrical Supplier Since 1919

EECOL Electric is one of Canada's leading electrical product distributors, offering the electrical community with access to end-to-end inventory of quality brand-named manufacturers' comprehensive electrical solutions and quality staff. Our customers operate in versatile environments from residential, commercial to industrial projects and depend on us to provide the products and services their business needs to successfully get the job done.We help them do exactly that.With a network of over 60 locations across Western Canada our reach spans across British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Yukon and the Northwest Territories where we continuously strive to deliver quality customer service alongside solutions for your electrical needs.

Quality Service

EECOL's customer service and support go beyond just the supply of electrical parts. At EECOL Electric, we pride ourselves on being an educator and a solution provider to ensure our customers are always informed about emerging trends and technologies. Our team of trained specialists brings together technical support, innovation, training, and certification seminars to ensure our customers’ success. Following the LEAN leadership model and the PDCA cycle developed by Toyota, EECOL focuses on job development (OJD) and training within the industry (TWI). This program has allowed our leadership to mentor staff assigned to new positions and create expertise in existing holdings.

Energizing Communities

Our success has been driven by the long-lasting relationships with our customers and we genuinely believe in the value of giving back. Community involvement is ingrained in EECOL’s culture and is reflected daily, in how we live, work, and conduct business. We value the opportunity to actively support, participate in and learn more about the communities where we are established.

First Nations Capacity Fund

EECOL Electric is a proud to be one of three companies to have founded the First Nations Capacity Fund (FNCF). The First Nations Capacity Fund is a non-profit group that creates training and career opportunities for indigenous people in an area of their choosing. They also work with communities to help maximize their economic development within their area.

In recent years FNCF has had the opportunity to offer many different courses and classes to indigenous communities. In 2018 they organized an event with the Nicola Band, Riverside Energy systems and Nicola Valley Institute of Technology (NVIT) to offer an introductory training program for grid connected solar PV systems. The goal of this program was to give people the opportunity to learn more about renewable energy while also giving them the hands-on experience to test it out for themselves.

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Transforming Business

Our leadership at EECOL believes in the need to constantly adapt and evolve in ever changing times to deliver value. With that in mind, EECOL put a business transformation strategy in place to become the leading brand in the electrical community to deliver a fully digitalized as well as consistent customer experience across all channels that our customers interact with us in. Innovation is at the forefront of everything we do, challenging the status quo constantly.

Our Story

For over 100 years we have worked within the electrical community, offering access to end-to-end inventory of quality brand-named manufacturers for your electrical needs. EECOL Electric was founded as the Electrical Equipment Company in 1919 in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan in 1919 by John McAdam Sharpe. In the early days, EECOL's stock consisted of Delco light plants and radios and has since evolved to one of Canada's largest electrical distributors with end-to-end inventory for electrical products. We were the first Canadian distributor to open a dedicated industrial sales department to service an area where more expertise was required. Since then, we have built upon our success by staying true to our core values of pursuing excellence, investing in our employees, building trust, and giving back.

"We know that offering an extensive product selection combined with knowledgeable staff and excellent customer service has long been the key to our success, and we will add these values digitally to support your business not only in store, but also online. We take pride in offering proactive, competent, and unparalleled solutions and supporting the communities we work and live in. You are the foundation of our business and our top priority, and we will work diligently to ensure your needs are not only met but exceeded. These are exciting times for EECOL Electric; transforming into a digital leader in the electrical products and services marketplace, providing the resources and the ease of ordering material anywhere at any time, and offering new solutions to advance and grow your businesses to new levels"

- Sean Grasby, President.

Executive Team

Sean Grasby


Ken Patola

VP Operations

Shawn Herman

VP Finance

Rob Smith

VP Sales & Marketing

Kelly Pelton

VP Supply Chain (retiring)

Natalia Sershun

VP Supply Chain

Winn Tran

VP Technology

Jim Powell

VP Corporate Development